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I am a street mime

I am a street mime, a performance artists, a living statue. I’m not up there with the famous Amanda Palmer, but I have my fans. All day I stand, back to the harbour, dressed as the Statues of Liberty. My face and hands are painted with gold glitter paint. Because I don’t want to end up like that chick in “Goldfinger” I have a special paint mix that lets my skin breathe. In my right hand I carry a torch which today starts playing up within an hour into my routine. The damn polystyrene flames keep falling out of the holder. Probably the wind or that damn kid who dropped it yesterday. In my left hand, I hold a tablet painted in gold. Last month I was painted grey and in one sitting remained completely motionless for two hours. That was a little unfortunate as I can move and thank somebody when they place money in my receptacle, which is spread out on a mock Turkish rug in front of my performance. Kids sop and try to figure me out and the occasional adult looks perplexed. Sometimes the kids will scream when I move and other times they laugh. I am photographed about twenty times each day. It’s not a lucrative money-spinner but $50 a day is not to be sniffed at. Actually, it’s quite relaxing and my doctor tells me my BP is down since I started. Occasionally a pigeon will shit on me. On the rare occasion, someone will try and push me or throw something to break my frieze. The big problem is the turning off at the end of the day. How do you relax after remaining motionless for ten hours?



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