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Exciting new project

The GENE POOL is a social and digital media project I’ve been involved with and its starting to bear some fruit.I am not sure where my contribution has got to as the site is rather hard to understand at times but I loved this .   (Its best viewed with Firefox browser at this stage rather than Internet Explorer by the way).

Background here.

The Gene Pool Group where works are being uploaded is here. Once you register with POOL, join the Gene Pool group, and then you can upload your own items and comments on others.

It’ll all culminate in works being selected for possible broadcast, and/or a public display at RMIT University later in the year.

Some are uploading photos, written pieces, others are sharing songs they’ve written, or slide shows. Your contributions can be as simple or complex as you like. I found this slide show by a contributor called Mandrillus especially mesmerising (he’s used an audio clip we also uploaded from the ABC archives as the base of a soundtrack).


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