A Little Bit of Me

Jottings and Writing, miscellanous misgivings

the start of a new story (to be continued)

The grey Mercedes SKL360 ragtop cruised into the courtyard and came to a halt. A portly man, dressed semi-formally – gray slacks, blue scripted shirt, garish red tie, and white loafers, struggled out of the passengers door. The beautiful, chic woman driver, dark haired, bright red lipstick, Gucci sunglasses smiled and at him, shifted into low gear and executed a tight 180 degree turn, accelerated out of the courtyard, a tiny flutter of a wave as she entered the main thoroughfare. The man quickly walked to seat on the verge of the courtyard and pulled out his mobile. Not many people at the bar and grill on the verge of the courtyard made notice of him except for one solitary woman, seated  at a table, tall lager  and plate of pork belly and Asian greens in front of her. She had an exceptionally long proboscious that could have been altered by surgery but she had decided many hears before that her nose was a minor part of her character. She smiled to herself and reached for her own mobile.

Ten minutes elapsed and a local taxi pulled into the courtyard and deposited a dumpy, worried looking woman. She paid the driver and loped toward the man who was now smiling and holding his arms wide as she approached. She rebuffed this gesture and spoke angrily to him. The woman seated at the table smiled to herself again and once again opened her phone.

“You’ll never guess what I have just seen”, she whispered excitedly into the small device.

“Where the hell have you been”


“Yeah! Well a little birdie just told me that she saw you get out of a sports car, gray I believe. Do you want to explain???”

“eeerhh . “

“Yeas , my dear. And on our wedding anniversary. You, siiir, are in d-e-e-p s-h-i-t”


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