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Babysitting under threes




N will have toast ( 1 piece cut into 4 pieces – try to make triangles as he likes triangles) with vegemite.

Soup – toast (yes triangles again) cut into small pieces and placed in soup.



Baked beans


Muesli bars


Ice block

Vegemite and cheese sandwich


C will go down 9-10.30 am and will have been feed from breast milk stored in fridge (use the big nipples as he tends to get frustrated with the small) He may go down at 8.30 am.


10 – 10.30 am N will have ½ cup of blue top milk warmed 20-3- secs in the microwave. Then bed, read Dig-Dig and give him his blanket


C is as required sleeper, normally 11/2 to 2hrs then when up Jolly Jumper, mat and chair.




TV channel 126 ABC and Kids channels

701-712 (Fox channels

Press planner for stored movies (Cars. Toy Story, etc)











C  Nurofen 4mls N Nurofen 7mls every 8hrs

Critical temp over 38.5

Panadol 4 mls 4 hrs

Temp over 39 both





CC 83234 9875



JJ  8458 43201  or cell 0356 25678933456Image