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Singapore – Goodbye

Hawker breakfast at Chinghai Village. Nasi Lemak. Mutton figures largely with mutton biryani a favourite. Mon jiang kueh (crushed peanuts). Everything g tastes of fish , deep fried anchovies, shrimp etc. Hard for a confirmed fish hater but I netter get used to it as Italy, particularly Sicily, is fish mad.

Supposed to be a clean country and it is but look closely and the same miscreants flick cigarette butts, let loose plastic bags, it on the ground (despite heavy fines for doing so). One innovation that grabbed me was the plastic bag with a straw mainly found in hawker stalls to carry coffee, tea, coconut drink of any liquid. Singapore had a huge plastic bag problem and this is supposed to relieve it as the bag with a straw is reusable. It originated from the practice of toting tea, coffee in condensed milk cans attached to the arm by raffia ties. Neat, and I am busting to try one.
What the official unemployment rate of 1.9% says about official record keeping is beyond me. It seems the streets are full of men wandering around doing nothing. Beggars are euphemistically called touters and perhaps they are recorded as employed. There must be a huge demand for hand wipes though I only saw one sale in two days.

Taxi ride. So all is not rosy in paradise. Basic problems with infrastructure and government mantra of GROWTH. Current population of 5.something million expecting 6+ million in the next few years. An Auckland scenario at rush time.
And in breaking news the Singaporean government is disconnecting all its IT from the internet fearing a cyberattack after Chinas South Seas brainrush.

What gets me beside the ove4crowding, the heat, the humidity, is everyone walking or sitting around interviewing their phones. I have not seen it as bad as this. Shouldergazing reveals they are mostly playing games (pokeman). Whole families eating and all on their phones.
Silver Lounge Swissair, Alliance partner. A preflight toilet visit and a bewildering sign. “Watch your step – squatting toilet”. I open the door –  20160827_234551




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