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Intro to Florence

A few years ago Alison and I stayed in New Orleans for a couple of weeks. My initial I impression of Florence, Italy really reminds me of that time. Cultural richness amongst what would be described as decadence. Via Guelfa, 27 Int. 1, Firenze, Toscana 50129, Italy. 20160829_002414.jpgMy new address for 5 days. A crumbling down apartment in historic Central Florence. Steep entrance stairs, recalcitrant door, tiny but funky kitchen, functional bathroom and lots and lots of ambience. Constant street noise and conversation. I have cooked my first Italian meal on native soil and it was a beaut. Pasta Graemo (recipe to follow). I am reluctant to speak italian but I can understand most of whats being said. Horrible plan ride from Singapore with the obligatory in front passenger inclining her seat 5 minutes into the 13 hour flight forcing me to scrunch into an embryonic ball.
Jetlag finally caught up last night and I crashed to a 12 hour sleep. Up and about at market centrali and I am able to place the first tick on ,y bucket list. Arancini (Inspector Montalbano loves them) and coffee. Incredible array of goods and we have stocked up on lemoncella (Alison drank a large glass before she realised it was 30% proof, si I have few hours to cat h up on writing.
Delighted later in the day when (sensitive readers move to next sentence) I am in the process of purchasing a snakeskin belt and whilst bartering the vendor down €5 he proclaims “ ahhh parlo Italiano”. Almost worth the exhborant price. Only later to be chagrined when I am aggressively moved on while trying to photograph an Italian military vehicle and half a dozen machinegun toting soldiers. IMG_20160829_133453.jpg


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Sorry about the black space. When i posted there was a neat photo there

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