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Hot and sticky and lost

IMG_20160830_111521Wah wha wha — wha wha wha (sounds of brakes schreeching. Duomo, lines waiting to see another big building. Ambulance. Polizia? Someone must have fainted. Noone leaves the line. Been waiting for three (3) hours. Worse than Vodofone.

Soooo. Rissoto tonight. Well it worked out. (Another recipe to follow that does not involve stock, butter, or decent parmaggio). Arabic music wafting over the street and English, American, Greek, Arabic, Chineze, Japonese sounds from the street.

And it rained. And there was thunder. And we got lost. For an hour. Going around in circles. Seeing the same spruikers over and over again. Even they started being bored seeing the same bedraggled touristi. At least the temperature has fallen. We were going to explore the city over the river and book a tour through Palazzo Davanzati. Very hot and sticky and we stopped at a weird little café that didn’t do table service and you made up your panni order and signed a little note with your name on it and then delivered to the owner who, after it was made up, called your name and you collected it. Signs outside asked you to talk quietly in consideration of the neighbouring apartment dwellers.

I must say that the day got very weary as the tourists flocked in and you could barely move.
Bucket list 2. Gelato. Mmmmmm!!.
Bucket list three will have to wait. A new lighweight jacket which is currently going at about €400-500. Probably one of those long term (think mortgage, car, bike, boat sale) just for a bloody Italian jacket.
Bucket list 4 tomorrow. Bistecca Florentino. I have managed to locate one source that does €4 per 100 gms which beats €40-60 at more high end joints. “and will sir have that with fries”.


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