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I take it all back Florence, on you last night with us. After a grueling 18km walk in 35 C + conditions and high humidity, thunderstorms and light rain we debated do we? Dine out or succumb to a night in. We opted to venture out and have just returned whicn, for me, was a sublime experience. I tiny trattoria, just off market centrale , only one couple staring forelonely at menus entirely in Italian and a waiter who looked bored out of his tree as Amy Whitehouse warbled in the background. I had been hanging out for Bistecca Florentine since I arrived but the rabbit caught my eye and I have tasted rabbit heaven with Tuscan white beans and insalata miso. A mat h made in heaven and easy to make in Nz if I could have got chef to reveal how in 29 minutes he got a backstrap with ribs attached to literally drip from the bone. There was pepper, salt maybe garlic and a charred feel to it – perfection. Did I mention I had the trots and the restaurant toilet was a ships toilet? Just as well I remembered my experiences from Stewart Island. I was also delighted to remember lezione restarante from Antonella and did proper etiquette and language to get and pay the bill. “ so many people use that other spanish word for male waiter and it is very insultin”. Did I mention the trots? The name of the eatery is Trattatoti la Burrusca (look it up.on Google). ,The best way to have the Bistecca Florentine is to have a whole piece cooked at €40 a kilo then split it up at the table. Most diners seemed to be doing this and by 2100 hrs tje place was half full.
FLORENCE YOU ARE FORGIVEN!!IMG_20160901_102750IMG_20160831_115653-1

So! Lesson learned. Do what you want to do rather tgan slep through endless museums, churches and botanical gardens. Refuse to keep walking with assurances that the destination is just around the corner. Stubbornly sit by the roadside and refuse to move unless a promise has been extracted for food, gelato or drink of some kind (iced tea was a great find today.) Have your wallet and credit card at your side because boy you are going to need it.


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