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Bologna, Northern Italy

Excuse the tine between postings but our new Air B& B has no WiFi so have to fi d a hotspot during the day and while having breakfast do all our electronic stuff.IMG_20160902_111234

Bus ride from redeemed Florence to Bologna. Wind around mountains and through vast tunnels. No wonder that many of the workers at !Milford Sound and Manapouri were Italiano. Their ability to tunnel is unprecedented. The countryside is amazing. Abandoned villas (least I thought they were empty) amidst dry countryside. No animals apart from regular warning signs that deer might prance a ross the road. The freeway is multilaned but the lanes are narrow a d I have never heard so much horn blowing g. Road rage from early morning as someone dared to block our narrow street, to bus drivers berating workers outside Market Centrale to our driver tailgaiting a poor campervan because they dropped minimally below 110km.
Explosive behaviour from a rather portly gentleman at Bologna bus station as he clearly had not experienced the ticketing fascio that is so Ifalian. If you havent prebooked you have to take a number and wait to be called to the ticket window to get a ticket. Clearly this mans bus was due to leave and he still had several numbers in front of him. He got more and more agitated despite efforts from his wife and daughter to calm down. In some countries he would be judged as mentally ill as the poor guy in Florence bus station who had been lying in the same place for two days and existing on what looked like a diet of marijuana or maybe just funny tobacco rolled cigarettes.
Bologna. University city. Home of poets, inventors, medics. Very differe t from Florence. One guide books says avoid it like the plague, others that there ate interesting things there. We are here as a base for a tour of the Ferrari museum and factory and some Pavarltti and balsamic vinegar thing. However, after today I am warming up to the Ducati factory and the autopsy musemn.

Interesting to see young women getting photos taken. They either strike some pose they have seen models do, dominat goot turned outwards and gorward, breast thrust outward and head slightly tilted or they throw there arms out and look stupid. Winder what yhey will think when they look nack at them in twenty years?

Scooters screaming along narrow streets at death defying speeds. Trying to enjoy a meal and no matter where you sit you are enveloped in foul tobacco smoke. Outside and invzriably someone will light up within a few minutes. Inside and someone will be smoking outside the door and the smoke will waft in. Even as I write this from a third floor attic apartment the smell of strong tobacc fills my nostrils. The streets are full of butts and all the locals juSt throw their butts witbout any thought.

Although I always wanted to try the tortalleni bologna ( what we mistakenly call spaghetti bologanese) I was tempted by the tottalleni e burre e salvia and I did not regret my choice. One of Bolognas signature dishes.

I am sitting outside the tourist centre in Piazza del Maggoria using the feeble WiFi on a dying phone. Out the corner of my eye I see an elderly Italian lady shuffle up to 5 metres away and stand and look defiantly at the table (not me). I continued on and glanced up a few minutes later. She had shuffled forward a few centimeters but continued a death gaze at the table. Alison arrived back from whatever strenuous afternoons activity she had organized and she moved off. She shuffled to the table, arranged the chairs to her satisfaction and waited for service. Seems typical of a certain section 9f the population. We later sat in another restaurant, largely empty, and another elderly Italian woman approached6, sat down, dragged out the cigarettes ( a particularly foul smelling brand) and glared at us. Her table?

LAVaSSA ad (coffee) playing old Spencer Davis Group / Millie Small? Song “ Jump Back” _- fantastic. Another eartquake. RIATV news.

First meal in new apartment. Rather rudimentary arrangement’s. Ceramic cooktop., no real implements (we feel the AirB&B guy doesn’t really care,
. Put together basic greens (should have used arugula)and chopped red o ion and tomatoes. Cooked up some delightful bologna sausage and a scratch of red o ion with sliced red peppers. Toss this over the greens with some fresh mozzarella and dress with oil and balsamic. Better than my veal and ham in a cream sauce that I had pranzo and I will never ever buy a nz sausage again. NOTE TO SELF avoid Italian restaurants that have menus translated to English.


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  Jones wrote @

A field of topics well covered. Bus conducting, fast scooters, tobacco smoke, a home cooked meal, attractive young girls posing but can only attract the older ones and then only for your table. Suggest a make over and possible deodorant.

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