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Sex on the Beach

Sex on the beachimg_20160908_115054img_20160908_111449img_20160908_112010
I yearned to try several Italian dishes when left NZ. Some I have already talked about . Taglitenalli e ragu, pasta stuffed with sage and butter, bifstec florentina. But today inconquered one my big culinary fears about Italy and secondly rode the rocky path of ill health. Sanrde en saour (sweet and sour sardines)will probably be high on the menu in the south and I loathe fish of any description. It comes out and I notice the lack of pine nuts and raisins but the white and red onion base is to die for with sardines hiding underneath. I can eat them!
I suffer from gout and although it has been well controlled lately I should not eat offal. However fegato (liver) is a favourite. Same onion base but the( small delicate pink liver bathed in balsamic and red wine reduction is a revelation (Gordon I will cook it for us and you will see).
The day has turned into a disaster for me. My asthma has been bad and Alison has made me walk a further 6 km so I am feeling rather exhausted and in need of some rehydration. What were those rules again?
I am finding Venice hard to warm to.(sorry Antonella) Early morning is lovely but as the day nears 1000hrs the tourists flood in from Mestre for touristy things and by midday its hard to move along the canal streets. They move back to Mestre by 1600hrs but by that time I am fed up. We are going to use the valopeeds tomorrow in an attempt to get away. I think also we need to find the part of Venice where the Venetians live but more and more have moved away. The global warming and land subsistence has meant that Venice floods several times a year and .some of the ground floors of the houses are awash most of the time.
And some photos of a not often mentioned delight on Venetian bridges
Venice is trying to discourage couples from attaching padlocks to the city’s bridges as a symbol of love, claiming the old structures are too fragile to cope with the weight.
“It is important to make people understand that it is not a sweet gesture, the expression of a unique sentiment, but an action that is totally banal,” writer Alberto Toso Fei tells the Gazzetta del Sud. He is behind a campaign called Unlock Your Love, which is distributing flyers in the famous Rialto, San Marco and Accademia areas. “Your love doesn’t need chains,” the leaflet says under a drawing of a heart-shaped open padlock. It also points out: “Venice doesn’t need your garbage.”
It’s the second time Venice has tried to crack down on love locks. In 2011, the city focussed on people who sold the locks, but this time the campaign is targeting the couples using them. Meanwhile, workmen are removing some 20,000 padlocks from the wooden bridge, Ponte dell’Accademia, spanning the Grand Canal.
Love locks have grown into a global trend, with cities such as Paris and Sydney also trying to tackle the problem. Chicago has been systematically cutting off padlocks to stop them falling off and hurting someone when the city’s moveable bridges are lifted for boat traffic, a local news website reports.
Use #NewsfromElsewhere to stay

The day started out well enough. According to the new book on Venice I downloaded 80% of tourists don’t see the parts of Venice that are off the Beaten track. So the advice was to ride the vellopicello and when you see a place you like hop off and explore. So we bought a €20 day pass and did. We saw spots that looked great but Alison wanted to see some historic square and we got off at the wrong stop and walked 5km the wrong way until I suggested we double back and see the bloody square. S. Marco is supposed to be centre of Venice and if the crowds were anything to by it most certai ly os. I saw a beautiful silk scarf I almost bought then thought who would want me poncing about in Dunedin with an Italian silk scarf. Pretentious bastard. Then we attemted to find the Rialto market but my new GPS app seemed to be on the blink zo ae ended up looking for a place to eat. Be warned, the centre of Venice is also the center of capitilist Ita,y and the fare wS limited to the three classic dishes I have already described. I ended up in a small jazz bar which did a dish of the day. For €18 I got a very memorable lasagna ragu, hot sliced pork and a fairly ordinary arugula sald. BUT I also had Sex in the Beach , a vodka based cocktail with orange, peach, lime and some other stuff I forgot about after the first sip.
Oh we also saw NZ exhibit for the international architects thingy in Venice next month did not know whether to laugh or cry (phots include).
Finished off a grand day by catching the ferry out to Murano where the Venetian glass js made. Had a nice gelato limone. Alison returned emptyhanded.



  Rosalind wrote @

Sex on the beach, had one at a cafe on the beach in Trogir, Croatia, took a while to recover. Agree with re Venice, now too touristy. You two seem to be having a terrific time, keep on posting, it is very enjoyable.

  graemedixon wrote @

I did not feel a thing

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