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La Passeggiata

la passeggiata

At about 1630 they start to come out. A few elderly a few kids with mamma and. Pappa pushing the bike or calling out encouraging words “pedal pedal pedal”. By 1700 the mature cyclists appear slowly elegantly cruising the boulevard. Elderly couples arm in arm discuss the new construction noting the lack of safety and new fangled buildind shortcuts.

We were hot tired and looking for a laundramat. Like looking for a toilet in Italy. Found one bur closed on Sunday as the bells tolled all day for relegious observance. We rested in a cool spot as the 80percent humidity did its bit. A scruffy bearded smelly bicyclist wheeled his boke in and sat down.” I have bicycled from Munich” he wheezed when we had established we did not speak German. He seemed pleasant but within a minute he degenerated into expletives about the caribiena and being homeless and Italians treatinf their dogs better than him He had some story about black birds and chimneys but he was obviously unwell and a typical German who hated the world. We moved on FAST

An italian walks by witha t-shirt proudly proclaiming “WE OWN LOS VEGAS”
We must be getting near Sicily.
A young woman walks her pekinese eho clutches her $200 Gucci bag in.her mouth. I snigger and she smiles and ciaos me
Ahhhhh’ Italy


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