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Found lost treasures

We have succumded to temptation. Our milk has gone off despite excellent refrigeration so no tea. We decide at the same time that an American breakfast of eggs sausage and such will just the ticket Stepveng out the door there seems to be a lot more noise than usual. Just outside our door and running for five blocks each way is an open market. Here you see all the misshapen ugly discoloured fruit vegatables and meat and fish you dont see in the Tigre supermarkets we have been frequenting One side of the promenade is taken up with fresh produce and the other with clothing and jewelryas well as other assorted tatt. My dream. Come true. Unfortunately. Our. Last. Day. In pescara. I only buy some Uomo u undedaces and fresh melazone but am tempted by cheese pork sandwiches rottiessered a porcine lovers of heaven. For the first time I see huge bunches of oregano, largely absent from the supermarkets.

I would like to buy everything. Misshapen , ugly, smelly (except for the fish which although fresh has huge swarms of flies hovering around it and fish juice spilling onto the street – my worst nightmare) I pick up an apple and aborigine and proffer them. A wave of the hand. Free.

Although terribly burnt from yesterday we move to the beach. Even as I write this after two Italian beers at a bar just twenty steps away I can feel the Italian sun replacing my depleted vitamin D.


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