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The Parasites

I feel like I imagine it must feel as you leave a prostitutes room. The experience has been wonderful nut now the business of money and time are paramount and you realise that someone else is now going to have the pleasure over and over again. As we pack up to move to Bari these inappropriate thoughts cross my mind. I am part way writing a rather morbid short story fueled by my nightly dreams, they, in tu4n, fueled by the 90% humidity and nightly visits by mosquitoes. My investigations this morning suggest that they are likely to be Asian and altogether more aggressive and flighty than the Italian ones but my body is a mass of ugly bites. Also the high humidity is making me listless, and distracted a result of not enough blood getting to my muscles a d brain. Seems the mosquitoes havent heard that though I note that they seem 5o be injecting me over major vein and artery sites.
We have found a neat little bar around the corner, Bar del Parco, where we take our breakfast and ocassionally a predinner drink. The owner is friendly and recognizes us as locals now and the prices are about half what they are in and around the central piazza. I was reading the newspaper as I munched on my calzione and saw an article about a child being assaulted down by the promenade. The assailant was on a bicycle, rough looking and had brown hair, and cycled off after the assault. I thought of our German friend from a few days ago. Would he be capable of attacking s raggazzo? I thought so, Alison not.
Pescala has been an interesting place albeit from a somewhat reclined position on the beach. Bombed out during WWII it was rebuilt, hence the modern look of the central city. The port was supposed to be the saviour of the place but with modern shipping it is too shallow. Also note that it was bombed by the AMERICANS who helped the rebuid which might explain why it seems so Americanized. We lunched at a fine restaurant before boarding ths bus then took a coffee at White Bakery which is a shameless copy of an american drive—in and a shameless menu to match. Ribs, Mexican, giant sandwiches, cokes everywhere.
Pretty long and tedious bus trip from Pescala to Bari characterised by vast vineyards and olive groves. Must produce a lot of wine and olives. I will check it out in later posts. Also intensive horticulture but I could not work out what was being crated up apart from pumpkins. Also many solar and wind farms. Another look up item.

And then. Our first tourist AirB&B experience. We arrived in Bari as dusk descended and I had worked out it was a 1.6 km walk, quite doable but we were tired, it was hot and humid so we looked out for a cab. Nothing on the horizon kimasabe but out of the woodwork popped a guy asking “taxi”. “quanto cosa approx” I asked and he said €15. Sounded a bit steep and he didn’t look like a cabdriver but (see above) so we looked at each other and agreed. After all it would cost that Dunedin to St Leonards. The guy was not legit but he had a gps and didn’t deviate from Serenas route even though we weaved down alleys, almost killed two pedestrians and narrowly avoided denting numerous expensive foreign cars. Worse was to come. The address we arrived at was a business address for dentists and such and apartments were the buzz on type. We hadnt heard from our host David for three days and had no idea how we would get keys etc. Waited for half an hour and noone turned up so we found a café with Internet and managed to contact AirB&B who contacted David who finally texted Alison 1 hour late. I had managed to use my new map app to locate three B&B s wthin a 100 metres but this is the first time we have been let down. Admitted to a grotty little apartment bearing no relationship to the photos on the website and he thinks a case of beer, a bottle of fine wine, a whole lot of food and some lame excuse about a flat battery on both car and phone is going to prevent us giving him the worst possible feedback. And he runs five apartments in Bira. And he was educated in Australia. Probably explains a lot although his English was halting and I wonder if this was all part of the bullshit.
Anyway safe and sound in Bari. For now. Alison has another 16 km hike and sightseeing planned for the morn.


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