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A Dark and Stormy Night

Not a great start to the day. Woke late after a late night and after finding that the hot water for a shower ran out after one three minute shower, then being totally ignored then abused by a lazy Vodafone girl when we tried to get a local SIM card, then getting lost, TWICE in Bari’s old quarter, then being totally hot and flustered and not being able to find an information centre (closed last year) the local supermarket (closed for no given reason a month ago)we retreated to our hovel to recuperate. Oh! The hot water was hot again and I managed to boil some water in a pan to make tea and we re charged our devices and planned what we would do for our stay in Bari. First choice was to move on and find somewhere nicer but we dismissed this as really not giving the place a fair go. The historic part of the city did look nice on our brief period of being lost and we could always end up being invited to someone’s place for wine and a meal(true story from Trip Advisor). Then there is an historic little place a train ride away which looks interesting and the beach is rated and only 800 metres away. Also, despite me hating it, the shopping is amazing. First though find a local market and boy did we luck out, the staff were amazingly friendly and wanted to talk in English but I insisted on Italian so stocked up on oil, vinegar, greens, some steak, cheese and bread. We are finding that one out meal every few days satisfies our taste for new food but buying local produce and a/cooking it ourselves or b/having cold meals of prosciutto, melon, cucumber, olives etc is also nice. The kitchen here is tiny, no oven, but I have steak and raddichio risotto planned.
We are vetting our revenge on host David, by running the aircon all day and night and where he asked us to only turn on the water heater 20 minutes before bathing we have left it on all day and night. We will also ask for a partial refund and give him really bad feedback. We cant believe that he has 5 stars for all aspects of this dive.

Our first piece of Air B&B feedback
coppia molto simpatica, sorridente, abventurosa! persone molto interessanti. socievoli e rispettosi
very nice couple, smiling, avveturosa. very inteteressanti. amiable and respectful

Good! And Davide just turned wjth extra towels, fixed the TV and a smile. Maybe not so bad after all. Moves from 1/10 to 5/10



  Jones wrote @

Not only speaking Italian but now
Catching the Italian impulsive
Behaviour of jumping to conclusions
Before all Facts are known!!!!!!!
A real Italian in the making

  graemedixon wrote @

Yes my good fiend but read on. My hunches are all turning out 100% gold

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