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A Perfect Day

Best compliment yet today. I got asked directions by an Italian.

A perfect day. That Lou Reed song was playing as we dined at Tutti
in Aldrobello . Not a great meal.but I tried swordfish (pesce spada) for the first time.
We planned to visit. Aldrobello which is about 50 south of Bari by regional train and is famous for its houses built with stones called trulli. Getting the train was a bit of a mission as the line is really obscure and the validation machine is cleverly disguised as a hand washer. The outskirts of Bari are a real showcase of the poverty in Southern Italy. Large tracts of waste ground, occasional allotments, but mainly graffiti effaced railway stations. We stopped for fifteen minutes in the wop wops, went backwards, the crashed into something , the guard running down the aisle screaming “barriera, barriera ” and I had images of those Italian rail disasters from a few months ago and seeing.20 yr old pictures of Alison and me on tv and the odt. However it was.just as traibitalia high speed coming the other way.
We reached Aldrbello after about an hours travel and what a delight. A beaut little station with a rostoramte opposite the served the best arancia I have had so far. Riceballs stuffed with parma and cheese and a good coffee. I have fallen to drinking american as the esspresso is just to small an amount. A good start. The tulli are smazing and the structures are whitewashed regularly so everything looks picturesque.
As we wound round the narrow streets taking picture after picture we realised we were hungry. The first place was not yet open and an old guy gestured there was a good place”a destre” we rounded the corner and found Tutto. under a tutti. A great atmosphere and although the food was average we enjoyed ourselvex. Could have been the litre of vino locale and the generous shots of grappa but we rolled down the hill and PROMPTY GOT LOST. My gps app which works sans wireless has been invaluable bur it just got as even further lost and after the romantic morning we swiftly descended into a semi domestic. Eventually sorted but will have to learn to use the app in a better way.

I was using a zebra crossing outside Bari and was nearly kn9cked down by a car. I shouted an obscenity and gesticulated to the clear, large white lines. An elegantly dressed Italian lady looked me in the eye (as they do -daring you to visually undress them and muttered ‘guarde”, the Italian word for watch out. Its not the first time I have encountered this. There are NO rules governing the interaction between vehicles and people although some regional governments are trying to implement them . I would assume they would go the way of cell phon3 use in cars – everyone ignores them and they don’t seem to be enforced. Pedestrian mortality and morbidity figures are high ( and thete are lots of former scooter riders missing body parts. The advice given seems counterintuitive. Don’t meet the drivers eyes, don’t speed or slow down, follow a local. I might start carrying a ballpeen hammer and develop my menacing stare.
Asked instructions again today by of all people a couple of Australians. Disguising my accent I sent them in the opposite direction of where they wanted to go. Feel quite proud of myself (only joking


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