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Cosa Nostra and the no5 bus

Working on my tan today and reading a book “ Coa Nostra” by John Dickie. As we drove into Naples I could not ignore the massive amounts of rubbish. Rubbish is controlled by the Camorra (Naples Mafia)so I am informed by shewhoknowseverything. Curious thing rubbish. In the Northern places we have stayed there are skips on each street (usually three side by side) and you just throw you bin loners in as you go out shopping. Here there is a wire basket attached to the street wall and each day you put out glass, next day, plastics, then paper, then garbage. If the Mafia does have control there must be some cunning, devious reason for this.
Next day and we are still looking for the elusive no5. It is supposed to pass by our front gate at 9.20 ish so we eagerly await to see its red livery and shiny orange no5 beaming at us. As we wait we marvel at MT Vesuvius towering over us from across the road. By 10am we have given up and I seek the WiFi hotspot of about a square metre that allows us to catch up on emails and mail this blog as well as getting information about STUFF. ,My first port of call is anm.it which is the bus company and it assures me that its regular timetable operates sat &sun as usual. We decide on a less ambitious plan for the day. We had planned to catch no5 run a circuit to see where we can get on and off and maximise our ticket price then alight at the train station, catch a train to Sorrento, then catch a ferry to go down the Amalfi coast. Now we will go to the supermarket (approx 2.3 km away and 25 minutes downhill walk according to the gps) then find us a taxi or bus to get back. Two hours later we find a supermarket but not the one we wanted. Its cheap and nasty but what the hell. Then we are faced with the dilemma of getting three bags of groceries back up MTVesivius. Call Enrica who comes to the rescue while I watch an intersection where dozens of vehicles as end on at breathtaking speeds and defy any sort of logic try to force their way through. I am dreading driving in Sicily. During all this drama I have not spotted one no5 although we have been on her route for the best part of three (3hrs) hours. Our enjoyment of Naples really depends on this bus.

On our forced march I again reflect on the Mafia and their supposed control of refuge collection. As we waited for the non existent no5 a garbage truck came by collecting the daily offering. A few plastic bags, a slip of cardboard, a piece of rope. We walked further down via Vesivio and the roadside was strewn with rubbish. Used nappies, shoes, a childs pedalcar, pieces of soiled paper, empty wine and beer bottles, car tires. Not just isolated bits but a constant stream of rubbish. It seems that people just don’t care or the local council just has not got the resources to keep the place clean. I have never seen so much garbage!

Just a finishing note. Internet here is(as it has been at most places in Italy) terribly fragile. We don’t have a router in our brand new apartment and I have to walk 50 metres up the path and perch on a wall to eavesdrop on our neighbours open network. I can go up to the big house and sit on the verandah furniture and get a fair signal but my blogs with pictures don’t seem to be getting out. I have posted three since Grizzly Bear but they don’t appear when I log in. My apologies but the technology is CRAP.!!!20160924_191212


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