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Bruno and his Probe

Well another disaster in the making. img_20160930_134744Host promised to pick us up from the train stazione but failed to appear and then a slightly overweight, sweating, unshaven man child saunters over and establishes thatvwe are the party he has been told to pick up. Ratty little japanese car (Paulo had difficulty backing up his drive in his Toyota) whose windows wouldn’t go up. Arrived in a very seedy part of Reggio Calabria , viale Aldo Moro or maybe this is the poor south. The beach we were promised in the brochure turned out to have a waste pipe running into it and a very dodgy smell AND it was located 100 metres from our quite nice apartment but separated by a main trunk railway line so we have to walk several blocks to a crossing. Then the plug got stuck in my longed for bath which meant that we couldn’t wash dishes and unable to take a shower. Eventually foxed by the .local dentist with his little probe. Don’t ask. Did I mention that we are also under the flight path of the local airport so every hour a plane scrapes the top if our roof as it accelerates to gain elevation. The long promised WiFi (as usual) was useless and does not seem to be connected to the Internet. We bought a days Vodofone through No Fo for €5 which also didn’t work and I pissed off Alison by refusing to go to the local Vodofone shop located outside our front door. Then we needed my Clear account password which unlike every other one of my passwords is the same I could not remember what it was. Oh joy. I heard Alison uncharacteristically say “oh well, I think I will get pissed for three days.
Calm restored. Plug removed from bath. We have a plan. Catch img_20160930_144628no14 bus(oh god not this again) to near the ferry terminal. Go to the nice beach on my gps app that has a wee umbrella and a palm tree and a wee stick figure sitting under it on beautiful yellow sand. Hummmpphh! The further south we come the more public trash. The street outside our apartment is a top. I had heard that Paris was filthy – well is got nothing on southern Italy. I almost barfed as we walked to the beach as we passed containers of rotting rubbish. In Florence they collected the rubbish 3very morning and I cursed them when they woke ne up at 4am. Here- lucky if its once a fortnight.
We get to the beach and its even worse. Wall to wall garbage, stag ant ponds of water, running sewerage. There are men fishing up and down the beach and if they caught anything they would probably die if they ate it. Fat chance. 2e were there for a good three hours holding our noses and I did not see one fish pulled from the admittedly sparkling waters. I know I am sounding pretty half glass empty here but the lack of respect for the environment is appalling. For a country that has wind power, wonderful food, some glorious scenery, they are really, really, like really dirty. The smells of decay, tobacco overpower the delicate smells that must be there.
Needless to say I might miss that swim in the Med.



  Rosalind wrote @

Sounds like sheer hell. Go north, go north, Tuscany,Umbria,Chianti. I can vouch for them. I think you are en route to Sicily though, it used to be very much OK. Am enjoying your troubles in a way, makes for great stories

  graemedixon wrote @

Yes. Off to Sicily tomorrow. Despite all the sad.comments we are having good.time. thanks for the kind words

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