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A Slow Sunday

20160922_235136Just witnessed our first car crash – Italian style. We were taking drinks on one of our three balconies (sound flasher than it really is as they all overlook trashy streets) when a woman backing out of a car park t-boned a lot model Alfa going about its lawful business driving down viale aldo monto. He gets out of car, investigates the damage ( minor but after my Australian rental car experience about €400 worth). She ( and I am sure she is q regular visitor to the Bar across the road) is waving her arms and trying desperately to triviliase the damage. Meanwhile traffic is backed up for five blocks and there much horn tooting, arm gestures and mean comments. He eventually hauls out the cellphone and photographs the scene and notes her telephone number or email address. No police. He gets in his car and drives off. Very civilized. I have looked up mortality and morbidity stats for Italy vehicular traffic and its better than NZ. Go figure. I also looked up lung cancer figures and Italy figures highly but interestingly better than France. And inversely correlated to wealth i.e wealthy people have higher rates because they can afford the high tar ciggies.
A day of thunderstorms and heavy rain. Even the flies are on Italian time. They buzz around until midday then disappear until 4pm then start up again. Sundays in Reggio Calabria are closed most of the day. Cant decide if this closing between 1-4.30 pm and most of Sunday is a good or bad thing.


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