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Well lucked out again in several ways. Had my swim in the Tyrrehinian Sea. Just been for a secound. Beautiful clean beach, temperate water that I actually gargled with. Spent a good half hour submerged and I feel a 100%. SSecondis we finally found our destination via anchora biancio (white anchor) and it is beautiful collection of beach houses literally a stones throw from the sea with it own infinity pool AND INTERNET THAT WORKS. Sorry to rabbit on about 5his but the style of holiday we have semi-planned is dependent on a reliable Internet connection. To check bookings, 5o remind hosts who have forgotten to pick us up, to book buses, trains and ferries without having to queue for hours while sadistic biggliatari operators drink coffee and snear at the stupid punters. Take today as a lesson. We caught the no14 bus and got off about 400 metres from the ferry, thanks to my Internet free gps app which also told us what stop to get off to minimize the walk with two heavy suitcases and bags. Then, when we got to Messina we had to locate the car rental place. Unfortunately it wouldnt come up on the app so we tried our new trick of finding a cafe with free WiFi and log onto Google Maps. Ha! Sicily has few Internet cafes and we were temporarily stuffed until I spotted the car hire down the road a couple of blocks from where the ferry landed ( which you would expect – right) More on car rentals in a later post but there are several angry emails to Sicily by Car. Then the problems began. Each Air B&B booking has a Google Map to show you how you to get there. Really useful if you have Internet. Hopeless, if the address they have given you is a dialectic interpretation of where you should be. We had a rough idea but Serena (our gps) had a temper tantrum and refused to guide us on the scenic route . She preferred the autobahn. Much classier and faster. Eventually we had it sorted but not without some angry exchanges and near tears.
Italian drivers. I was terrified and Alison actually screamed with fright as her wing mirror brushed cars and road signs. Scooters whirred by on both sides. No one gives way and the standard driving position is to avoid eye contact and plant the foot. Then we got stuck on a traffic jam trying to get onto the autobahn, then nearly got rear ended by a driver in one of the numerous tunnels because I was obeying the 80kph limit and he wanted to do 140.
Sicily, on first impression is beautiful. I can already feel the Arab influence in the buildings and it is much cleaner than Naples and Reggio Calabria though, to be fair, when we travelled by bus and foot to the port and the police station, the place dis seem cleaner, ;we may have been in a terrible area. It did allow us to experience a different side of Italy which few tourists would ever see. Or would want to. It just smells cleaner, a soft, salty odour which I am told will be infused with cinnamon, lemons, cloves, oranges, and all those spices that have been left both the peoples who have occupied Sicily over the years. IMG_20160924_111218.jpg


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