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Our Day at the P


The ,mercury was topping the 35C mark and we all decided 5he pool would be the perfect place to cool off. After a light breakfast we finalised our plans, the thee of us plus our old flatmate and his family. We had a light breakfast ( a say light because we all know that after food you should not go in the water until 2 hours otherwis3 you get cramps and you could cramp up and drown). .
Jessica got dressed first because she always cooks when we are at home. She wore her striped stretchy dress in blue and white which makes jer lo9k thin. Then Chester, who has taken to wearing his long black hair (he would kill me if he knew I had 5old you but he dies it pinned up 8n a top knot which makes him look like a girl. He wore his baggy black t-shirt with his ming coloured board shorts which made him look even more feminine. Boris was last, as usual. He looked a bit like a bear with his rounded, hunched shoulders and unusually long arms which he dragged along. He wore his bear suit which was actually just a blue t and gray baggies. . We has a8 light breakfast of porridge, coffee white bread toast with jelly spread, some fruit for health the some bacon, 3ggs and fries. And more coffee.
We got a taxi shuttle bus and picked up Harry and his hew family on the way. Harry used to flat with us but when he married Georgie he moved out. They had twin girls, yet to be named although its been a year since the birth.
The pool was crowded. So many people having fun, throwing balls , floating on air cushions and blow up animals, some just sitting on the shade.
We got our favourite spot on the tired benches on the shady side of the pool. Harry had to bottle feed the babies but Chester, Boris, Jessica and I headed for the water as, by now, it was super hot.
People stared st us but we didn’t care and we did duck dibved, bombs, played with the water toys and pretty much had more fun than anyone else at the pool. So what, we swum in our street clothes. It was so hot they dried in about ten minutes. So what if we were loud. We were having fun. We bobbed around for a bit longer until we got bored and a little hungry. We got out to get some snack food. Just a couple of jumbo bags of potato chips, a few two litre bottles of Coke, and a bevy of assorted snack bars. We went back to Harry and Georgie and the twins. Harry had taken his shirt off. He had some new tattos and we admired them as he feed one of the twins. We all agreed he looked great although a little white next to all the sun bronzed bodies nearby and it looked like he had lost some weight. Probably worrying about names for the twins.
Meanwhile Georgie was telling us about a cat scan she had at the birth and I kind of tuned out because I had heard the story s many times it kind of lost the punchlines of having to be taken to the zoo because she didn’t fit in a regular machine. Try that against being ambulanced to the weighstation to be weighed. Kinda pales in comparison.
We all watched a man in a blue hat with a big white W on the crown swimming with his two boy grandchildren. He had suddenly started screaming at them and he grabbed one of them, shook him violently, then raised him up and threw him into the water about three meters away, while still screaming “ don’t you, don’t you”. The little boy dog paddled to the side of the pool and looked down at the grating but you could tell he was crying and really upset. Some people!
Harry went off to get more chips and energy bars and Cokes.s Some papasserby saidhings like “ hippos, elephants, gross” but we were having fun and hardly noticed that a lot of people were leaving the pool. We didn’t care. We were well used to it. All the more room for us!

Adelaide January 17


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