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Gymnastics- anonymous guest post

One day there was a girl who was doing gymnastics. She was very good but she got a 1st and second so she came 3rd. That was good but not that good, she still needs more practise because she wasn’t going well. So she decided to quit because it was no good for Maddy anymore. She didn’t do gymnastics for months. She decided to come back to gymnastic so went back to beam, bars and floor. So it was fun again. I won first place and I went to the Olympics. And Asha was in the Olympics too and I won a gold and Asha won silver. Then we lived in Rio and went to the beach and did some gymnastics. It was so cool. We were on tv and I love gymnastics. I won 5 golds and 4 silver medals.
So my team was from the USA. Then China got 6 gold and 6 silver and China cheated, they said lets take a point off USA. So we got 10 gold and we have 8 silver so me and asha did swimming. We got 2 gold and 1 silver and altogether we got 12 gold and 9 silver.


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