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Notes to my daughter on getting her first car

Notes to my daughter on getting her first car.

oh dear! fumbling around doing the brake

callipers. its the start of worse things.

next it will be a valve job, then you

will be ripping the head off for a

decarb everytime your top speed drops

below 220 kph. beware! i guess the good

side is that this sorts out presents for

the next decade. toolboxes, tools,

vacuum gauges, workshop manuals, feeler

gauges – you are entering the twilight

zone of MOTOR MECHANICS. from now on you

will have a perpetual line of black

grime running along the tips of what

used to be perfectly manicured fingers

but which, now, are ragged, torn

remnants attesting to your former

femininity. you will notice that bath

scum changes from a satisfying grey to a

murky black. no more the sweet smell of

opium, instead, a heady mix of 96 octane

and Pennzoil.